Hello dear reader. I don't know how you arrived here but it doesn't matter now. So here's what this whole wiki is based on.=====

The House, and the House 2 are two weird and entertaining, horror-based flash games which has effected a low amount of people throughout the Globe, much to our horror.Edit

So this wiki is a tribute for the upcoming and the previous, important but forgotten flash games of the Internet History.Edit

I seriously don't know what I'm doing by writing this introduction, though I'm sure there are some people out there, wondering what all these games are.Edit

Special thanks to everyone (in other words, to my classmates, who have pushed me into this mess. *claps*) who has helped me to gain the enough amount of courage to create this wiki and also the Sinthai Studios, for creating the main subject of this wiki. So what are you waiting for? Go and investigate the wiki, I dare you. It doesn't work, does it? Anyways, enjoy!Edit