Mary Rouche (around the early 1920s to the mid 1960s) was a wealthy woman who was married to Mille. G Rouche, a wealthy man. She and Mille had a daughter named Alrena Rouche (1947 - around 1962). Alrena was born mentally disabled. They couldn't stand having a mentally disabled daughter, so in 1962, Mary and Mille poisoned Alrena and locked her dead and limp body In the house safe, putting the code as Alrena's birth year, 1947. A year later, in 1963, they adopted a girl named Nicole. A Matty. They hired a maid to look after Nicole, The maid found out that Nicole wasn't Mary and Mille's real daughter, but just an adopted daughter. But, before she could find out about more of the couple, she met a tragic end. It might have been Mille and Mary who killed her because she knew about Nicole, And they probably didn't want her to know about Alrena. In About 1964 - 1965, they commited suicide because the ghost of Alrena haunted them. Nicole killed herself (or did she kill herself?) in her Bedroom, Mille hung himself In the shower In The Bathroom, and Mary hung herself in The Working Room.
Mary Rouche