Mille G. Roushe
Mille G. Rouche
Mile G. Roushe Was First Seen In The Living Room

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The Living Room

Mille G. Rouche (early 1920's - mid 1960s) was a successful bussinessman who was married To Mary Rouche, The two of them later have a daughter, whom they named Alrena Rouche In 1947. unfortunately, Alrena was born deformed and was mentally handicapped. Unable to see their daughter suffer, Millie and Mary poisoned Alrena and keep the body in a safe, using her birth year as the combination. On December 24, 1963, They adopted a girl named Nicole A. Matty. Nicole was a good girl, but she had spent a lot of times playing with Alrena. However, as time went on, the parents were plagued by nightmares of Alrena. Even the house maid they hired began to hear and see things. None of this affected Nicole. All she did was play and talk with Alrena. However, all of that ended. Mary and Mille, In their madness, killed the house maid, their adopted daughter, and eventually, themselves, In order to stop the nightmares. All this did was trap the family in the house along with Alrena. 

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